• Stefano Mattioli

    Doctor Stefano Mattioli was born in Brunoy, France, on April 5th 1950; he graduated in Boulogne in 1975, where he afterwards became a specialist in urology and worked at Malpighi Hospital until 1982. Since 1984 he worked in urology ward in Santa Maria Castellana Clinic (Varese) and Poggio del Sole Nursing Home. He began using laser in urology in 1984 and published numberless works about the use of new laser sources in the urologic field in meetings both on a national and international circle. At present he is a member of S.P.I.E. (International Society for Optical Engineering) and a consultant of the national group for the application of laser in medicine.

  • Alessandro Picinotti

    Doctor Alessandro Picinotti was born in Arezzo on August 13th 1964 and graduated in Florence in March 1994. He gained experience in the field by starting working in urology ward in Poggio del Sole Nursery Home ever since October 1994 where over the years he worked together with Prof. Paoletti, Prof. Barbagli, Doctor Tenti and Doctor Palminteri. He began using laser in urology in 1997 with Interstitial Laser (ILC) for the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy. The cooperation with Doctor Mattioli, of whom he considers himself to be a pupil, goes back to 2000 with the use of Holmium laser previously, and later on KTP and Tullio Laser. Apart from many publications about laser, he can boast publications about uretra and genitals surgery.