• Summer holidays.

    The center will be closed for the summer holidays from 2 August to 26 August. 

  • New consulting room Campobasso

    From next 20/06/2018 Dr. Picinotti will visit at "LIFE" Diagnostic Center of Corso Bucci n. 78 at Campobasso.
    For appointment 0874/92834

  • Dr. Picinotti will be present at the Urop Congress in Salerno, as a provoker in the session: low urinary tract.

  • Dr. Picinotti will be present like Boston Scientific's tutor at the Casa di Cura Pierangeli in Pescara.

  • Dr. Mattioli and Picinotti agreed to collaborate with the Boston Scientific Italian section for the development and propagation of the new Laser Tullio second-generation Vela XL.

  • Dr. Picinotti will be present at the V Endourology Course: LUTS from BPE is a tailored therapy required? Organized by Prof. Giulianelli at Casa di Cura New Villa Claudia, Rome, as a provoker.

  • Single laser incision for treatment of congenital bladder neck sclerosis: new technique.

    Dr. Mattioli and Dr. Picinotti will be presented as a speaker to UrOP Congress at Milano from 29-31 May 2017.

  • Luts from cervical-urethral obstruction: resect, vaporize, or enucleate the adenoma? What is the best treatment?

    Dr. Picinotti will be present as a speaker to the fourth theoretical and practical course which will be held in Rome at the Nuova Villa Claudia Clinic organized by Dr. Roberto Giulianelli.

  • Doctors S. Mattioli, A. Picinotti, A. Burgio from December 3, 2015 will perform interventions Laser at the Casa di Cura M. D. Barbantini, via Del Calcio, 2, Lucca.


    Dr. Stefano Mattioli and Dr. Alessandro Picinotti attended the 30th EAU Congress in Madrid from 20 to 24 March 2015 with aposter entitled:
    Thulium laser for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in large prostates: new technique.

    S. Mattioli, A. Picinotti, A. Burgio, Arezzo, Italy

  • Meeting in New Orleans

    Dr. Stefano Mattioli and Dr. Alessandro Picinotti will be present at WCE 2013 Congress October 22 to 26 in New Orleans with a paper entitled: Thulium laser in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia on anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs.
    * Stefano Mattioli, Alexander Picinotti, Andreina Burgio, Arezzo, Italy

  • Regional coordinator

    On September 2013 Dr Alessandro Picinotti was appointed UrOP regional coordinator for Tuscany and Umbria regions

  • New Meetings

    Dr. Mattioli e Dr. Picinotti will be present with our pubblications at WCE Congress at Istanbul (4-8 September), at Auro Congress (19-22 September) at Genova and at Prato's Congress: "BPH: new techniques in diagnosis and therapy". 

  • New consulting room

    From next 26/06/2012 Dr. Picinotti will visit at doctor's clinic of Via Fratelli Rosselli 10 at Castiglione del Lago.
    For appointment 075/953058 

  • 08/06/2012 Dr. Mattioli in Belgium

    On next 08.06 Dr. Mattioli will be in Belgium at the Hospital Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis di Roeselare. Dr. Mattioli will show and teach to Dr. Jean-Louis Vahoucke the new laser tecniques in urology.

  • EAU Guidelines Panel on Laser Technologies

    On January 2012 EAU published Guidelines Panel on Laser Technologies. Two preceding articles of the Dr. Mattioli's group in the references of the article.

  • Doctors from Iraq to learn laser tecniques in urology at Tuscany Surgical Centre

    The activity of divulgation of the laser tecniques in urology is always done from the doctors of Urological Laser Centre. On March Dott. Mattioli is been in Lebanon. He was invited from Lebanon Health Minister to do urological laser operations in two Hospitals. On May Dott. Picinotti has done an urological operation with laser for a bladder neoformation at 7° Meeting Urop in Milano. From 26 to 28 of May three doctors from Iraq (Dott. Riyadh R. Jawad, Dott.ssa Sabah Kareem Hamzah, Dott. Wasan Gh. Aboud) will be at Tuscany Surgical Centre to see the surgical laser operation of the doctors if the Urological Laser Centre.